It can be done..

I gained 15 lbs after a 50-60 pounds weight lost. I am starting this blog to share with everyone how I managed to loose the 60 and how I intend to loose the 18 -I regained . This blog chronicles my journey , failures and successes to a healthier me.

Please consult a Doctor/Physician before undertaking any weight reduction regimen or diet.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I  believe that any diet SHOULD have an exercise regimen for a more sustained weight lost, healthy and favorable results.

 With the weather being so good and warm as it has been. I thought I would start my hiking and walking routines,

These hiking places are two of my favorites

Thursday, June 6, 2013

5:2 Diet Fast Day Dinner : Baked Salmon over stock sautéed Vegetable.

It's been a successful two 5:2 Diet week with 24 Hour fast days, non-binging feed days and I am feeling great.

I have reboot my 5:2 diet by doing a 24 hour fast instead of spreading my calories on fast days. This has proven to be an easier approach for me because I don't tease myself with 100 calorie or 200 calorie meals early in the day or midday. These low cal meals become craving triggers. You know that saying . "oh . it's so good , I can't stop eating it" Ah ahhh. its' not that good. It's that carbo or sugar or things that food companies put in processed food that targets endorphin release thus activating your insatiable hunger/cravings, that  no herd of elephants pulling you away from the table can make you stop chomping on those chips, cookies or a low cal snacks. So why even do it. I water all day and reserve a healthy meal for dinner all 550 or 600 calories of it. Like this one:

Spray Olive oil on you pan with low heat. place garlic and onion, let it sweat. Then add your cauliflower (bite sizes) toss for a minute or two. raise your heat to medium high. wait a while then add about 2 oz of vegetable or chicken stock. cover. then add the rest of your vegetables. For this I used kale. sweet purple potato, celery, and grape tomato. cover and let the steam cook all your veggies al dente. Salt and pepper to taste and a hint of cayenne for a bit of heat.



3.5 OZ = 120 CAL


Serves  people
Carrots - Raw, 0.5 cup, chopped26601442Ico_delete
Vegetables - Celery , 2 stalks10101642Ico_delete
Sweet potato - Cooked, baked in skin, with salt (Sweetpotato), 0.5 medium (2" dia, 5" long, raw)5112011402Ico_delete
Garlic - Raw, 3 cloves1330120Ico_delete
Kitchen Basics Original (Corrected - Vegetable Cooking Stock Less Sodium , 0.25 c (240mL/245g)5100830Ico_delete
Fat - Coconut Oil, 0.25 T (15mL)3004000Ico_delete
Cauliflower - Raw, 2 cup501104605Ico_delete
Onions - Raw, 0.3 cup, chopped2050011Ico_delete
Add Ingredient
Per Serving:10320241976

Thursday, May 23, 2013

5:2 Diet- Feed Day Dinner- Pumpkin Bolani with roasted red pepper hummus

I said I would be good on feed days and so here is my Feed day dinner:

Close today's meals at 1700 calories +-

Athenos - Hummus - Roasted Red Pepper Made With 100% Olive Oil, 2 tbsp (30 g)

Bolani - Pumpkin Bolani, 10.5 Bolani  t

Total cal 636

Julian Bakery - Paleo Bread - Almond (Gf), 4 Slice40020323640016Ico_delete
Add Food  40020323640016
Mushroom Cauliflower Saute, 1.5 serving(s)279481097712Ico_delete
Add Food  279481097712
Athenos - Hummus - Roasted Red Pepper Made With 100% Olive Oil, 10 tbsp (30 g)3002518101,05010Ico_delete
Bolani - Pumpkin Bolani, 14 Bolani33660887848Ico_delete
Add Food  6368526181,83418
Frankie and Johnnies - Chocolate Mouse Cake, 1 slice299012000Ico_delete
Add Food  299012000
Your Daily Goal1,71023557642,50020